"I would recommend Katrina to anyone who is thinking about starting or continuing a Pilates regimen. She knows her stuff! She's changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful to her for that! Her understanding and knowledge of the human anatomy as well as her skills as a Pilates instructor have helped me become a stronger, leaner, and much happier person!"
- Julie J., San Rafael California

"Katrina is a keen observer and is patient and thorough in her explanations and instruction. The last recital I gave, friends were asking if I’d changed voice teachers! The answer was no. The truth is that my years of training as a professional singer and a Feldenkrais® practitioner were advanced by my work with Katrina Charmatz in Pilates. My private sessions in Pilates with her were a huge boost to my confidence and creativity."
- Karen Clark, Contralto

"Katrina introduced me to Pilates a couple of years ago for fitness. I felt ab muscles I didn’t even know I had! It's an almost pleasant form of exercise. I appreciated her clear directions and patient coaching. And also I loved that I could have a tailored workout to fit my schedule and my body. After a few weeks I felt more flexible and maybe even a bit taller."
- Mary Chase, Researcher

"Katrina helped me with my lower back pain. Even after my first session, I felt a slight improvement and this gave me hope that I maybe could get some relief. I am so grateful. She is such a wonderful teacher, her voice and mannerisms are so encouraging."
- Marianna Flender, Dressmaker/Designer

"I love to cycle, hike and camp in the outdoors. In my late 30s, I developed a herniated disk in my back. I tried Pilates and it helped me with the pain and it relieved tension. Katrina showed me how to use my abdominal muscles in a different way that I had been doing on my own. These exercises made my back feel more supported and strong. Pilates has become a great workout for my whole body."
- Sean Boles, Solar electrician

"Katrina turned my creaky, painful shoulder into a mobile, painless one. Her knowledge in which exercises would produce such great results was really appreciated. I never even think about my shoulder since I've followed her directions. She is a terrific teacher and her rehab skills were the best."
- Gwen McGuinn, Painter

"I have severe and chronic low back pain for the last 5 years. Nothing has brought me as much relief as Katrina's Pilates. She literally follows every breath, teaching me to identify and strengthen core body muscles-and also to release tightness that contributes to pain. She is highly trained, realistic and sensitive to her students needs."
- Marcia W., Sausalito California